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Aftercare & Recovery

After care and recovery is an area of the medical process that is often not treated with the care and attention that it should. For this reason we at SunDirect will work with you the client to develop and monitor your after care and recovery program even when you have returned to the comfort of your home.

It is essential that you follow carefully the rehabilitation program that has been set out for you to achieve a rapid and stable return to the best health condition possible for you regardless of the treatment you received. Too often people cut corners to perhaps return to work earlier or push the recovery program a little too hard because they maybe want to take part in a sports event. While this is understandable it is not in your long term best interest and may lead to a reoccurrence of the condition that was treated, so for the interest of all concerned when considering your treatment please take into account and inquire about the recommended recovery time for each treatment.

Something that we like to discuss with our clients (and only if the clients is open to such conversations) are perhaps lifestyle conditions, circumstances, habits or diet that may have contributed to the development or seriousness of the condition being treated. We fell it to be our responsibility to assist in developing the necessary changes in both lifestyle, diet and sometime even in posture and corrective insoles in shoes to prevent a reoccurrence of the condition treated. This is a core part of our philosophy with our clients and we wish to assist you to ensure the best recovery and long term health for all our clients, again only if you the client want to take part in such a detailed after care program which we do recommend.

What often times increases the costs of medical treatment substantially in the USA, Canada or Europe is the recovery time spent in a facility Post-OP or post treatment. This is not the case in Guatemala the options SunDirect can offer and provide you with are varied in both style of accommodation and price. We will handle each individual client on a personal basis to create the safest and most sensible option for their recovery while offering maximum comfort at an affordable cost.

Please contact me directly for further information.

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