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Professional Helicopter Training

We at SunDirect are proud to be associated with Chris, the owner of “Black Wolf Helicopters” based in Guatemala. He is not just a friend but has also been a mentor especially in the Pre-hospital medical area.

As you may have seen in the area of our website “medical Transportation” where we offer a service of an escort paramedic for people who require special assistance while traveling, well, it’s this fine gentleman who will be assisting you. A world class paramedic with vast experience in his field as the information that follows will compound. For further information on courses and training that Chris offers, please contact us at:

[email protected]
Phone: +502 4260-9667


SunDirect International Medical Care & Services

Chris Wolf Helicopters

Meet Chris “Razor” Sharpe the Chief Aircrewman and owner of Black Wolf Helicopters

Black Wolf Helipcopters

My name is Chris ‘Razor’ Sharpe the Chief Aircrewman and owner of Black Wolf Helicopters in Guatemala. I have been in Guatemala for the past 5 years as the co-founder of HeliSOS the first and only licensed Advanced Cardiac Life Support Air Ambulance and Rescue helicopter. Prior to Guatemala I served for 24 years as a helicopter crewman in the UK military and Coastguard, as well as private helicopter work in Africa and SAR services in the North Sea. I currently have over 6000 rescues to my name and have just passed 15,068 flight hours.

In 2019, I was honored with being awarded the Helicopter Association International ‘Salute to Excellence’ Safety award for my individual work here in Guatemala promoting safety and standards within the International Helicopter Industry.

I am an active podcast and blog writer for Heavy Lies the Helmet in the USA and have the privilege of being their Chief Safety Officer, offering safety advice to an audience US Flight Medics and Nurses of over 53,000 people. My blog ‘skids up’ has also been commissioned for publication within the AirMed& Rescue magazine.

In company with Heavy Lies the Helmet, IA Med and After the Call (all within the USA), I have designed and successfully achieved the first ‘Guatemalan Educational Aircrew Retreat (GEAR)’ inviting US Medics to experience a multitude of safety and survival days including helicopter rappelling and short haul operations here in Guatemala in order to progress their own career development. This is now an annual event with attendees receiving numerous qualifications and CAPCE credits that they can use towards their own individual Flight Paramedic/ Nurse licensing requirements.

Black Wolf Helicopters Special Operations Aviation and Training was founded in 2017, and in 2019 expanded to provide specialist non-pilot aircrew in Peru. Our services are designed to provide 4 distinct services:

  1. Aviation rescue and survival training
  2. Military special forces aviation consultancy services
  3. Helicopter journey management services
  4. ISO preparation, change management and Human Resources training

We offer several specialist courses for the medical and rescue professionals as well as basic aircrew training both in Guatemala and specialist high altitude helicopter rescue courses in Peru.

We have provided safe and secure helicopter journey management services for Netflix, National Geographic and recently Channel 4 (UK) in Peru. This provided all helicopter logistics, Pilot briefings and risk assessments, as well as 24 hour onsite support in order to maximize time available for client needs.
Black Wolf Helicopters is part of BW Consultancy S.A, a registered company within Guatemala.