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Medical Transportation

You don’t have to travel alone

Depending on the physical ability of a client to be independently mobile traveling to Guatemala a client may need assistance that perhaps a family member of friend could under normal circumstances offer but can’t. To alleviate any worries or stress a client may have because of limited mobility due to medical attention required or the slowing of mobility that come as one gets older we have the solution for these cases.

We will send to you a qualified international paramedic, who will escort you, be that from your home to Guatemala or from Guatemala to your home. Again as stated previously people avail of this service for many reasons but most often it has been requested by clients who are slightly on the older side of life and post-OP returning home, just a little added comfort on the home trip. Our international paramedics have escorted people many times and are vastly experienced in this area.

Special medical transportation in Guatemala

We have you covered for all forms of ground (ambulance) and air (helicopter) transport depending on medical requirements on arrival to Guatemala and/or in the Pre-OP and Post-OP setting.

Individual Post/Pre –OP special care

All of the clients’ needs in this area will be dealt with on an individual case need and should you have any concerns please bring these to our attention so that we can resolve your concerns in a timely manner to insure maximum comfort during your stay in Guatemala.

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