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Welcome to SunDirect

Dear Visitor,

Thank you for stopping by our Website and taking the time to read our introduction to you.
Please allow me to introduce both myself and our company. My name is Trevor Allen and I have lived for almost ten years in Guatemala and have been involved in the medical industry here for just as long. I am an internationally registered medic and am truly passionate about medical care. I am qualified in Prehospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS) and registered in the national Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT) as such. I have worked medically in Prehospital and clinical environment and also disaster relief thus my passion for medical care and professionalism.

As you may well know, Medical Tourism is an internationally growing alternative for people who find themselves residing in locations where the costs of high quality medical care is outside the financial reach of most of its citizens. This is the case predominantly in the USA, Canada and Europe. Thus the medical Tourism industry has grown exponentially in the Central American region since 2012. Now it is the turn of Guatemala to show case its medical expertise to the world. I personally have experience with the medical expertise in Guatemala which affords me a unique perspective while marketing and brokering for medical professionals located in Guatemala to the international community.

This brings me to our company “Sun Direct International Medical Care & Services” of which I am Co-Founder & Co- Director. Because of my own personal experiences in Guatemala and the understanding I have of the quality of medicine offered in Guatemala, my partner and I established our online forum to broker medical care that is available in Guatemala to the worldwide community.

To be clear, Medical Tourism is what we specialize in. We offer clients worldwide the opportunity to have all forms of medical procedures carried out here in Guatemala. Another fact, that along with the amazing quality of medical care one will receive in Guatemala the average costs are substantially lower that in USA & Canada and also Europe, up to %50 or even more in some cases, also the waiting times for required surgical interventions are much shorter only a matter of days.

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So in a nutshell, we offer brokering services for medical professionals on a worldwide forum. We provide a door to door service for potential clients wishing to avail of medical care in Guatemala. We take care of all OP bookings along with Pre-OP & Post-OP requirements and recovery. We gather the required information from the medical professionals to provide the best online portfolio of said professionals.

The Guatemalan Medical Tourism market is growing and will continue to grow for many reasons some of which I have mentioned above and many more that I have not because that would take too long to cover in this introduction letter, but believe me when I say that our international network of sales agents, along with our experience in this area and the accessibility of Guatemala to the international medical needy we guarantee our ability to provide you the medical client with outstanding medical professionals in all fields of care, provided to you in the most modern and up to date facilities in all of the Americas.

Thank you for taking the time to read our introduction, should you have any further inquiries please contact us, it will be our pleasure assist you.

My best regards.

Trevor Mark Allen.

CO-Founder & Director at Sun Direct International Medical Care & Services.

Guatemala City,

International Phone: +502 42609667
Email: [email protected]
Skype: [email protected]
Twitter: @SunDirectinter1