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what we do at sundirect international medical care and services guatemala

What We Do

We at Sundirect International Medical Care & Services offer a wide range of services to our international clientele. Varying from legal assistance and advice on retiring to Guatemala also we organize tours throughout the Central American region, which is well worth visiting I must say. We provide many training platforms for the medical community, internationally accredited programs for helicopter Flight Crews, Flight Paramedics and EMT’s to mention just a few.

But most predominantly SunDirect is a medical brokerage company. We have a large data base of highly trained and vastly experienced medical professionals based in Guatemala, who keenly offer their services to the medical needy of the Globe. Using our experience and local knowledge we can provide you with the medical care you need. We are the only qualified medical brokerage company who offer what we name “a full end to end service”. This includes organizing travel, accommodation, and the best medical professionals to fit your requirements and the most comprehensive after care program to make sure your recover to the fullest along with post procedure advice and programs to prevent any reoccurrence of the condition you had treated, no matter where you are located.

We remove the guess work and uncertainty, even perhaps reservations a potential client may have about seeking medical attention outside of their own country / comfort zone by intensely scrutinizing the medical professionals we offer to our clients. This includes all legal aspects, professional training and history along with patient satisfaction. The professionals we represent are all at the top of their fields in Guatemala and most are internationally recognized also for their excellence. We can offer you with the utmost confidence the highest quality of medical care available in the most modern and well equipped facilities available in all of the Americas.

To say we take pride in our company and the quality of service we offer to each and every client would be a gross understatement. We love what we do, and that is caring for you and giving you the best experience possible in all aspects of what we offer here in Guatemala. So please take the time to contact us, we will be so happy to hear from you and explain in even greater detail any queries you may have.

[email protected]