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Why SunDirect?

Why choose SunDirect International Medical Care & Services?

An excellent question to ask any company or organization, and like all other companies we will answer that very question but in what could be considered an unorthodox way. So instead of giving you all the usual quotes and phrases like “outstanding service”, “customer orientated” Etc… Which any company offering services to the public must surly excel in, I have decided that a personalized account of my own experiences will best explain why you should choose SunDirect to guide you through whatever process you choose, be that medical, travel or legal.

So I am not speaking as the Co-founder & Director of our company right now but explaining how and why we decided to form our company in the first place. I am an Irish citizen who came to visit Guatemala ten years ago for three months on a professional basis. I fell in love with Guatemala, its beauty and people, also its rich culture and amazing climate. During my time here it got to know my US wife and we now have two children who were born and cared for during the pregnancy by the most amazing doctor one could ever wish for, who noticed complications in the later stages of pregnancy with both our boys, thus they were both delivered cesarean birth by a medical team second to none. I am happy to report two wonderful and slightly hard to manage at time young boys. In my earlier life I sustained a severe injury to my head and face leaving me with extremely damaged teeth, a 40% loss in hearing along with sinus tubes that were so damaged it effected my breathing and my eyes were permanently dry. So yes, you have guessed it, it had all of the above fixed by what I can only call a magnificent surgeon who was trained in both Germany and the USA and this truly changed my life for the better. And last but not least I have had Partial Knee Replacement surgery carried out on both knees simultaneously and this again resulted in a return to full mobility and I can’t praise the surgical team enough, who were again trained in Germany and have a vast amounts of experience. So even though my body has clocked up fifty one years I have been remodeled by some of the best medical professionals I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. As a slight continuation, very recently I receive a diagnosis of pre-diabetes, to my surprise I must admit considering I’m vegetarian. But through early detection and slight lifestyle changes along with more exercise (swimming was the best choice for me) increase in vitamins and the amazing advice of my Diabetes specialist this has been totally reversed without the use of pharmaceutical medicine.

So why choose SunDirect International Medical Care & Services? Have you ever heard someone say “never ask someone to do something you wouldn’t do yourself”!!

Well there you have it, I have lived and experienced the wonders of Guatemala, I have had the luck and rewards of meeting and been cared for by these fantastic Doctors who carried out all of the procedures at a fraction of the cost of such services in the USA or Europe, and no waiting time, it was all done within days of my first visit to each doctor.

We at SunDirect want to make this world class care in the most beautiful surrounding imaginable available to you at affordable prices. To make you the best you possible without worrying about finical ruin. Also Guatemala is reachable from most US cities by direct flight and short travel times, this coupled with the most amazingly mild climate all year round, and Guatemala is the perfect for a comfortable recovery also. I will cover the subject of recovery in greater detail in another section of the website.

We will do all we can to help, it’s what every living human being deserves.

My kindest regards.

[email protected]

Co-Founder & Director.